Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I used to be the damsel in distress.

Today was not a fairy-tale.  You aren't the prince.

You are the darkness that surrounds me.   That I am trying ever so desperately to clear away.  But I can't.  Because there are constantly so many reminders of you shoved right onto my lap of you.  It's sickening and makes me sick to my stomach.  Everything about you is sick.  I hate every single thing about you. I hate every single way you have hurt me. Tortured me.  Shattered me.  Humiliated me.  Rejected me.  Tormented me.  I hate every other single way that I can't even continue to list because there are too many.  I hate the way that I can't escape you fully as long as I am where I am right now. That's why, I need to leave.  I need to leave completely.  Start new. Start fresh. Somewhere else.  Away from here. Away from you. So far away from anything to do with you.  You are a sickness.  You are a disease.  One that cannot be cured.  So, I have to cut you off. Like a growing cancer. Because that's what you are. Eating away at all of me.. until I was gone.  Until I was nothing.

But now I am healing. 
and I will be whole again.

Today was not a fairy-tale.  Not today.

But one day will be one.  And it won't include you.

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